Top European clubs call for INVESTIGATIONS into Saudi Arabia’s big-money signings from Chelsea and Wolves

A number of European clubs are calling for a ‘fair market investigation’ into Saudi Arabia’s transfer interest in several Chelsea and Wolves players. 

Saudi Arabia clubs have been repeatedly linked to several Premier League stars this window, with at least three Chelsea players in that list.

Currently, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, Hakim Ziyech, Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy and Romelu Lukaku are all linked with eye-watering deals to go and play in the Middle East Kingdom, with N’Golo Kante already on his way there. Besides the Chelsea stars, Wolves captain Ruben Neves is another player linked with a mega deal move to Saudi Arabia. 

As a result, several European sides are questioning the sudden transfer interest in the players amid the desire of Wolves and Chelsea to meet Financial Fair Play [FFP] rules. 

According to the Telegraph, the clubs are calling for an investigation as they fear the Blues and Wolves could be doing something illegal. 

Chelsea, in particular, urgently need to trim their bloated squad to balance the books and avoid bridging FFP rules, having spent £600million over the past two transfer windows.

Like the Stamford bridge side, Wolves will take a massive step towards appeasing FFP demands by the £47million deal in place for their highly sought captain Ruben Neves, who was also wanted by Barcelona. 

The news of Neves’ transfer and the number of Chelsea players linked to a Saudi has shocked many football fans, with European rivals calling for investigations to be started over the transfer business.

“PIF has so many investments around the world that it should be compelled to prove there are no conflicts of interest as it spends big with its bottomless pit of cash on ageing players,” one of the European club told the Telegraph. 

“Watch clubs use Saudi this summer across Europe as a get out of FFP jail free card. It becomes even murkier should PIF have an investment interest in both the selling and buying club.”

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