‘They don’t consult with the managers and players’-Pep Guardiola HITS OUT at new EPL extra-time rules

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has criticised English football’s new radical stoppage time laws after Arsenal’s late equaliser in Sunday’s Community Shield loss.

The Gunners came from a goal down to win the Community Sheild with Leandro Trossard cancelling out Cole Pamer’s opener in the 11th minute of added time. The game went on penalties, which Arsenal won 4-1 to continue City’s recent failures in the competition.

After the game, a visibly irritated Guardiola took a pop at the new rules that allow for longer added time, with the Catalan coach claiming that games will not finish until ‘tomorrow morning at 8am’ at this rate.

The Premier League and EFL recently instructed referees to add ‘Qatar World Cup-style’ stoppage times to make up for team delays. 

At Wembley on Sunday, eight minutes were added at the end of the match, but a clash of heads between Kyle Walker and Thomas Partey saw time extended even further. 

What was said

It was the first taste of the new radical rule in the Premier League, and it left a bitter taste in the mouth of the City coach. 

“We will have to get used to this. We were winning 1-0. I had a feeling that not much happened to extend eight minutes,” Guardiola said after the game.

“But it is a good question for the international board and all the people because they don’t consult with the managers; they don’t consult with the players.

“We have to accept it. We have to do it. Now the games will be 100 minutes, that’s for sure. They extend for goals. Every time you score a goal. (Imagine) a 4-3, and they put on 45 seconds for seven goals. 

“Tomorrow morning at 8am we will still be here playing. Don’t ask me my opinion, please.”

Referees are also under strict orders to clamp down on misbehaving managers this season, and Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta was penalised for that on Sunday. 

The Spaniard was booked for waving an imaginary yellow card after reacting angrily to a foul by Rodri on Kai Havertz.

Asked about the incident, Arteta said, “I cannot change my behaviour in three days. I try my best. I understand the rule. I understand where they are coming from. We can get frustrated. It is fine. We will adapt.”

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