Mikel Arteta vows to ‘build a winning team’ this summer after last season’s collapse


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has vowed to build a winning team amid a busy summer transfer window. 

The Gunners came close to winning the Premier League title last season but were eventually pipped to the title by Manchester City following a disastrous end to the campaign. 

Speaking about his side’s plans this summer ahead of next season, the former Man City assistant coach revealed that they would be focused on the long-term stability and quality of the club when targeting players this summer. 

“We have already regenerated the squad, with a very young average and to generate performance and value,” he told MARCA in an exclusive interview.

“We have some owners aligned with us: build a winning team that is sustained over time without so much investment. 

“But the demand is increasing, and you have to go to the market to find what we do not have to continue improving.”

Arteta also defended Arsenal’s transfer strategy following heavy spending over the past five seasons.

The Gunners were one of 20 clubs across Europe identified by UEFA as at risk of having breached financial fair play regulations in 2021/22. In 2020, they were the highest net spenders in Europe.

“It depends on what you evaluate: net value or investment in one year, three years or ten years? Or that you also value salaries,” he said. 

“The investment point is one, and the revaluation is perhaps more important: how much a player you buy is worth in ‘so many’ years. There is an investment with return and revaluation. That is our strategy to sustain ourselves.”

Arteta’s side recently splashed the cash on another high-profile signing –Kai Havertz. The Gunners are reportedly set to sign the German from Chelsea for £65million. 

Such a price tag for a player with mixed performances during his Premier League stint has raised eyebrows.

“Talent has a price and, at Arsenal, we are always interested in young players with experience,” Arteta said. 

“Again, I’m not talking about players from other clubs, but, in the case of Kai, he has already shown a lot, including a Champions League. He is a talented, versatile player, and he is only 24 years old.”

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